109 has split personality

Another one!

The new file tfl_60-474-_-y05-58318.xml, not due to come into operation until 27th March, has an issue towards the end of the Inbound stop sequence.

On some sequences it goes straight from stop 45 (490005019N) - Charrington Steps to 46 (490000039E - Canning Town Bus Station). On others the stop 490004525N - Brunel Street is interposed.


Hi Michael,

This has been corrected now, the issue was with the special clock change schedules having a change in the stop sequence which was not in the regular schedule.


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Variation on a theme this week, with the file tfl_51-358-_-y05-58452.xml.

This shows large number of stops with no sequence number, most one way and a few the other. The problem seems to be that the Farnborough Bus Garage stops have been replaced by High Street Green Street Green (e g 490009841OA is replaced by 490007494PA. This should have been fine and the only odd thing that I can see that might be causing the sequence numbering to collapse at that point is that the distance between the new stops and the next/previous stops at Shire Lane is missing each way (/RouteSections/RouteSection/RouteLink/Distance). My presumption is that the software expects this file always to be present.

There is no difference between days.

358 is still messed up in this week’s Datastore files