89 Bus not showing on API

Is anyone else having issues with the api not showing the 89 bus? As an example look at blackheath hospital stop.

Hi @Nicks - stop A towards Lewisham?

Yes, not showing any data

It looks like we’re not getting predictions on most of the inbound route. We’ll have a look into this and get back to you.


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Looks like both ways to me. Loads of buses due to arrive, mostly in the past, at Bethel Road eastbound and at Bellegrove Road / Sherwood Road (in the future) or Pallet Way (mixture) westbound.

Thanks for the info - I noticed that yesterday too. I’ll carry on my investigations once the strike calms down. No one likes a time-travelling bus…


It seems the stop “Loampit Vale / Jerrard Street” is also not showing any data.

Plenty of room inside though, the Doctor tells me!