ALERT: Tube Status Widget: to be decommissioned - Thurs 4th July 2024 [EDITED: 4 July 2024]

[EDITED 4 July 2024: the Tube Status Widget has now been decommissioned]

IMPORTANT Alert for Tube Status Widget users:

As part of the London Overground Renaming project we will be decommissioning our Tube Status Widget hosted on:

Date of decommission:
We plan to decommission the widget on Thursday 4th July 2024.

Why is the widget being decommissioned?
The widget was deprecated in 2019 and is no longer developed. This was due to a security risk that was identified with the iFrame code that it relies on.

Alternative options
Once decommissioned, any instances on third party websites, blogs or digital displays will stop working so please remove the code from your sites as soon as possible. Our Unified API is available for you to create your own status using our open data, you can also add a link to the Status updates status boards from your website or use on your digital displays.

If you have any comments of questions about this, please add a reply to this post.

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My company Actionfigure provides a Tube Status Widget to our TransitScreen digital display and web customers.

We are happy to provide a free replacement for the Tube Status Widget for digital signage and web users who don’t have time to build their own status widgets using the API. This widget will be updated for the London Overground Renaming.

Please contact us via the links above for assistance, or email us at [email protected]

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[EDITED: 4 July 2024 - the tool has now been decommissioned, please see post for more details.]

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