Any progress on a Freedom Pass flag for the journey planner?

Its almost 3 years (July 2015) since I asked about adding a freedom pass option to the Journey Planner in the Digital Blog, but didn’t get a reply. I raised it again in October 2015 at Meeting with Transport for All – planning accessible journeys – TfL Digital where Stephen Irvine promised to “make sure this feedback is passed on to the Journey Planner team” but despite that and a followup in February this year I’m still not seeing any sign that TFL is working on implementing it.

According to Freedom Pass users make 17% of all journeys. Why does TFL think it’s appropriate to totally ignore an important need of such a high percentage of users?

Surely, planning an FP journey is no more difficult in principle than planning a journey with step free access. The rules are different (step free applies to individual platforms and probably applies all day, FP applies to specific trains at certain times of the day) but overall both only require flagging the data appropriately and planning a journey that does not involve the flagged data.

Does anybody (on the TFL staff) feel like answering this – or is it unreasonable to expect anybody to understand that three years without any visible progress isn’t acceptable?

I’m starting to wonder what is going on, the number of unacknowledged, let alone unanswered, points on here in recent weeks, Resources?

Possibly related is this FOI link Bus status page - a Freedom of Information request to Transport for London - WhatDoTheyKnow
which suggests that even updating service status pages has become an optional exercise.

Do I need to raise this as a Freedom of Information request?

Hi Harry
I’ve passed your comments to the Digital Product Team who work on Journey Planner for their consideration as a future enhancement. Thanks for your feedback!