Api not returning any data

Can anyone please tell me whats wrong with my API as its not returning any data.i have put lat,long of a point in london.Thank you

The nearest bus station, at London Bridge, is 1552 meters away, so you will need to make your search radius larger.

(also Vauxhall Bus Station is 1.8km away)

@briantist this is because i dont know what id the difference between a bus station and bus stop.Can you please tell me?

Well I’m not sure of the exact definitions, but a Bus Station will be a hub serving many different bus routes. It will likely be the terminus for some or all of those routes and will contain several different bus stops, each serving a collection of routes.

A bus stop is what I think you’re looking for. A pole by the side of the road where passing buses stop (usually).

@netstruggler i guess you are right.will “NaptanPublicBusCoachTram” type provides the required result?

Bus Station: a cluster of bus stops, usually at another transport node (tube station, rail station) Often the start/terminus of a bus route.


Bus Stop is a single place where one or more bus routes stop. Legally the driver is to stop the front of the bus in alignment of the post with the letter on top.

Bus Stand is a place where buses rest between routes. Sometimes passengers will alight here, but bus drivers can’t pick anyone up here.


@briantist it was a great help.Thank you


Also there is a Bus Garage which is where buses are stored/fixed when they’re not in service. Often these places are quite flash in London, even though you have to go out of your way as a passenger to ever see one.


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