API Reports Geolocation

I have a simple bit of code that, every 5 minutes, requests the latest Traffic Disruptions. I have two instances of this, located on the same UK site, and it works successfully.

However, when I view the User: Reports page on the API portal, I noticed that the goelocation of some of my requests are displaying a originating from different countries.

For example, of my 3.94k requests in the last 7 days:

  • 3.49k are from the UK,
  • 25 are from the USA,
  • 195 from the Netherlands,
  • 230 from Germany.

When I select different time periods, these numbers increase, although not proportionally. The total number of requests (and destination endpoint) is the number I would expect, so it’s not that my system has been compromised.

Is it possible to get more detailed results of API calls to perhaps determine which IP (if my outgoing one is changing) TfL estimate is in a different geolocation? Have others had similar experience?

Welcome @ robbaker292

Which of the TfL Api are you using?