App_key - where is it?!

I must be going mad! I have registered for the API site, - but I don’t see where I get my app_key etc from. Am I being slow?!

My keys appear in my Profile, but I already have them from before the Portal changes. See what you get if you click there or, possibly, on Products and then 500 Requests per minute. One of these should lead you to requesting key generation

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@paleonard1979 - As Nick said, you can subscribe to the 500 requests per minutes plan in the Products tab and once that’s done you can see your keys in your Profile.

We did realise during migration from the old-platform that it’s not as clear how to get your subscription keys. It’s silly really that your subscription keys don’t appear when you Subscribe to a Product and we’re working to improve that.

We are limited in the kinds of changes we can make in the Portal due to it being a partially managed service, but if developers have any suggestions about any better wording or content we could add to help this flow we’d be all ears.


They’re all listed here

Or log into and click here

then click here

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