Are we running some untested beta software on the forum?

Brian mentioned a while ago about being unable to post images. I confirm that problem (using firefox):

  • I can’t drag and drop into a message, even though the window says I can
  • I can’t paste a screenshot from the clipboard
  • I can’t upload a PNG or JPG either.

I get an error message: “Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.”

I should post a screenshot to prove it. But that’s not possible :slight_smile:

In other circumstances, it’s essential to be able to post screenshots to describe problems more easily. So whatever’s going on here ought to be checked and fixed ASAP.

And if it’s a beta test, then I’d be happy to help test it – but it ought to have been put on a separate URL, keeping the old version available for the “real” forum until it’s properly ready.

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The software on the techforum is provided by Discourse

Anybody else finding they can’t upload images to posts?

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hi @harry - it’s possible there’s a false positive coming through on our WAF. I’ll take a look at it.


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Hi @harry - can you please try adding an image to the thread now? I have done some tweaking in the WAF that should hopefully sort it out.


Thanks James.

A quick paste of a screenshot from clipboard:


A PNG file:

2022-02-15 16_38_39-Journey results - Transport for London — Mozilla Firefox

Yes, all seems to be OK now. Thanks for that :slight_smile: