Arrival data for vehicle incorrectly being returned empty


I have been using:

To track the location of a number of buses, replacing the above single plate with a comma seperated list, but the api returns no data for 5 buses, It looks like this began on the 1st August, since then the above plate returns no data, but a cross check with|LK66GCZ

Is returning data showing this bus in service.

I am aware that the above site uses the live stream api, which I did not feel was needed for my application, but if the data they are able to retreive is more accurate, I may have to look again.

Can you see any reason why my above call should be returning no data when I know the bus is in service.

This problem seems to be affecting buses based out of Clapton bus garage.

Any help apprecited

/Line/Route/Sequence with No stopPointSequences

Looks like this issue is related to route 242 being missing from the system:

Bus does not explain why the lvf data is working correctly