Arrivals for terminal stations


I’ve been using the Unified API Arrivals feed to get a list of trains on the line, for a long time the trains at terminal stations were either missing from the data or the currentLocation was just “At Platform”.

I’ve been working on a new app and today was playing with the feeds and managed to get trains at terminal stations showing in the list. They all had “At Platform” in the currentLocation field so I just took the station name and direction (for the platform number) and showed that.

It was all working great but now, within a few hours those trains have disappeared from the feeds and I’m back to square one.

This is the API that I am using:

So trains at Elephant & Castle (platforms 3 and 4), Queen’s Park (platform 3), Stonebridge Park (down) and Harrow & Wealdstone (platform 1) were all showing but now they have disappeared.

Similar for the Waterloo & City (I know its closed), it was showing a train at Waterloo departures platform (normal) as well as a train at Bank but now only the one train at Waterloo is showing. Even through two are showing on the Trackernet feed:

Some lines still work, like the District was showing trains at Wimbledon and the Met had trains at Watford.

Will we ever be able to see all trains on the line consistently, like we can with old Trackernet feeds? And how come they were there briefly today?

Apologies for the long post.

Le plus le change…