Barking Riverside Naptan please/Barking Riverside Pier live data

Barking Riverside Overground station is about to open and I’ve got the usual data from National Rail Enquires:

  • Three letter code: BGV
  • Location: 51.519108, 0.114764
  • Postcode: IG11 0BF
  • NLC: 1335
  • River bus connected pier: 930GBRVS

Does someone have the stations own Naptan?

Also… when will 930GBRVS (Barking Riverside Pier) appear on the TfL live river bus feeds?


The TIPLOC for Barking Riverside is BARKRIV, so the NaPTAN ID should be 910GBARKRIV once it’s added to the API. (turns out this is incorrect, see James’s post below)

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Thanks, much appreciated.

The GRLS code in NaPTAN has been allocated as 910GBKRVS (don’t ask…)



FYI The updated route and station are now live in the Unified API. Journeys and predictions are available from Monday onwards.

Please let me know if there are queries.


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Quickly losing any and all hope in the standard, especially after the horrors that were the Battersea Power and Nine Elms codes…

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May i ask why there isn’t any arrival information for Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station?


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Not sure about Nine Elms as the southbound trains have been “visible” for an hour.

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I have seen Southbound trains but thats only when the location is “Between Nine Elms and Kennington”. Information can be seen on the Trackernet but on the website/API is completely unavailable.

Looks to me like they’ve banned vowels! I can see why you might want to not use “I” and “O” as they are hard to differentiate from one and zero but somehow “S” can be distinguished from a five.

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I’ve just seen Theydon Bois having the same issue as well.

You’re having Deja Vu @Ajebz

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