BSL for all trains --- including the Overgrounds

BSL for Overground by Whoosh!

Press the yellow BSL language button…

Funded by the First of a Kind 2023 (FOAK23) competition.

Any feedback is always helpful.

It needs an option to filter by destination (i.e. direction). A major/busy station lists too many irrelevant trains for a typical passenger with a specific journey in mind.


+1 for Misar’s suggestion.

…and what do you mean by:

Press the yellow BSL language button…

I’ve just worked out BSL = British Sign Language, but I still can’t see the button.

(I found the ‘Welsh’ button :grinning:)


the demo is on RTI today

again comments welcome.

Ah OK. I’ve seen him before on a platform departure board. Can’t remember where exactly.

I assumed at the time that the sign language was repeating the platform PA announcements rather than the departure information on the board? Is that the case or are there a significant number of people who can understand BSL but not written English?

Is this going to be a personal app, or a fixed installation?

Dwi ddim yn gwybod pam mae SWR angen botwm ‘Cymraeg’. Does dim gwasanaethau SWR yng Nghymru! Da iawn!

Totally OT but it did take me aback when I found bilingual English/Welsh signs in the North Middlesex Hospital. Probably got them through Del Boy.