Bus journey stop point sequences


Hi There,

I notice that the Tube journey data comprises of multiple stop point sequences, having different origin and destination stops for the same line.

Is this the same for Bus journeys? I have checked the routes H10, H9, 204, 92 and a few others and I can’t seem to find a Bus journey with multiple stop point sequences.

Can someone confirm that the data comprises of multiple stop point sequences for mode Tube but not for mode Bus.



I am not sure if it’s the same thing but there are a few bus routes which have variations. The most obvious example is the 166 where only one bus per hour runs beyond Banstead to Epsom. So there are two stop sequences each way, which certainly show up in the Datastore files. For the vast majority of bus routes there is absolutely no variation to find.


Hi mjcarchive,

Thanks for the response. I’ve checked the 166 route and I can only see one set of stop point sequences for each direction (outbound/inbound). Maybe the data has changed since you last inspected it.


For the 166 the stop set for short workings is a subset of the full set but the majority of journeys do not serve the stops west of Banstead. The majority of journeys would serve a shorter list of stops. But that’s about what happens, not necessarily how the data are presented.

If you look at the 605, each of the afternoon journeys starts from a stop not served by the other, so that may be a better test. Others that spring to mind (because loops are omitted at certain times of the day) are the E7 and U2. The B12 is a weird one, as it reverses direction round the Joydens Wood loop in mid-morning!

We may be at cross-purposes though, particularly as I am not familiar with the tube sources that you are making comparisons against.

The vast majority of routes are absolutely bog standard - everything runs end-to-end, no scheduled short workings, no bifurcations. A complete contrast with much of deregulationland. I suppose it is to keep things simple but I do wonder sometimes whether it is as much to keep things simple for the electronic systems as it is for the passenger!


Hi mjcarchive,

I found the following routes have more than one stop point sequence per direction - 605, E7, U2. So this successfully answers my question. Thank you for the help… much appreciated :slight_smile: