Bus Stop Letters with prepended "->"

For some bus stops the journey API does return stop letters like “->W” instead of “W”.

For an example take the journey from “Great Portland Street” to “New Cavendish Street” by bus.


“arrivalPoint”: { “$type”: “Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities.StopPoint, Tfl.Api.Presentation.Entities”, “naptanId”:     “490G00010198”, “platformName”: "", “stopLetter”: “->W”, “icsCode”: “1010198”, “commonName”: “New Cavendish Street”, “placeType”: “StopPoint”, “additionalProperties”: [], “lat”: 51.51987524954, “lon”: -0.14386107355 }, 

I’ve also found this for other bus stops, for example “Abbott Road”

Hi @chris

This type of stop letter comes up when the bus stop does not have a letter and a cardinal direction is indicated, i.e. Westbound in your example.

We have a ticket open looking at cleansing this from the source data - SVC-3759.