Bus stop U - 190

The times for 190 are not appearing. A commuter has reported this discrepancy for bus stop U.

Hi @neelamk

I assume this is Livat Hammersmith Shopping Centre which has no predictions.

There’s no data being returned from the Countdown API for this so I have raised with my colleagues who maintain that system.


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Hi @neelamk

There appears to be a wider issue with the 190.

I’ve asked my colleagues to look at the following stops that are missing predictions:

Inbound to Richmond

490010358W North End Road
490010117W Mulgrave Road
490013676W Fulham Pools
490007530N Greyhound Road
490004991N Charing Cross Hospital
490007702Y Hammersmith Broadway
490007711WA Hammersmith Town Hall
490011594W Ravenscourt Park Station
490012533W Ravenscourt Park
490007272H Goldhawk Road
490003556S Balfern Grove
490006110W Dorchester Grove
490008273S Hogarth Roundabout
490012629S Staveley Road
490007874W Hartington Road
490019979S Thames Bank
490005409S Mortlake Cemetary
490009561W Manor Grove
490009547SB Manor Circus
490012048SK Sheendale Road
490011557W Richmond Circus
490013511F The Quadrant

Outbound to West Brompton

490011557E Richmond Circus
490012048E Sheendale Road
490009547SA Manor Circus
490015035SL Sandycombe Road
490009670E Marksbury Avenue
490005409E Mortlake Cemetary
490019979N Thames Bank
490007874E Hartington Road
490012629N Staveley Road
490008273N Hogarth Roundabout
490003556N Balfern Grove
490005207QQ Upham Park Road
490007273M Goldhawk Road / Young’s Corner
490015027F Ravenscourt Park
490011438E Ravenscourt Park Station
490005937E Dalling Road
490015588E Lamington Street
490007239E Iffley Road
490000097T Hammersmith Stn / H&c and Circle Lines
490007702Z Hammersmith Broadway
490004991S Charing Cross Hospital
490007530S Greyhound Road
490004174E Bothwell Street
490007053E Fulham Pools
490010117E Mulgrave Road
490010358E North End Road