Bus Working Timetables mostly gone AWOL

Having found that the data bucket http://bus.data.tfl.gov.uk/ that I use came to a juddering halt after the WTTs for route 187, I checked with the more regular way in to the WTTs, namely Bus schedules - Transport for London.

Sure enough, the schedule for 187 are there but those for 188 and above are missing, so the data bucket is just reporting the reality.

Can this be looked at please?

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I had been hoping that this would be sorted overnight but no, still mostly missing.

For clarification, it is not just 188 and above that are missing but also 2 and above, 19 and above and everything with a text letter prefix. We have less than one hundred routes with WTTs.

Any chance of an acknowlegement (or, even better, solution)?

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Still nothing.

Seems like everyone is too busy to respond that they are too busy to do anything about it.

hi @mjcarchive - apologies I’ve not had time to look into this yet. Hopefully Monday will be quieter!

Thanks James. It is possible that the next update will have occurred by then and - who knows? - it might sort itself out.

You’re in luck, James. That’s exactly what happened early this morning. Seemingly all present and correct again.


I obviously have psychic powers…

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Though you could always try applying them to the 353, which still, months after the change of format, has four files of 15B each (so obviously naff). Or the 143 MFSc schedule (which returns just the double deck 143D schedule) or the N29 FrNt and SaNt (which return just the extras VN29).

The second problem is presumably about duplicate file names, with both being created but (for example) 143D overwriting 143. If the new regime had been in force when loads of routes had Covid extras with a V prefix, far more than three of the regular schedules would have become unavailable. In principle this seems a bigger problem than the files for one route for some reason not being created properly.

Just to note that the 353 WTTs are now OK, thanks to the timetable having changed ratgher than correction of the old naff files.

The 143/143D and N29/VN29 issues remain unresolved.

This week’s update has brought us WTTs for the 481D - double deck school day journeys. Unfortunately, and entirely predictably, this means that the school day schedules for the main 481 service have disappeared down the plughole. I say “entirely predictably” because this mirrors what had already happened for the 143/143D and N29/VN29.

Seems to me someone simply did not think through the file naming convention for the new format files. Somehow I doubt that the problems I am seeing are the only ones with the new system; I suspect there may be other more, probably more important, issues which are not visible from the outside.

Another update. N29 is now OK, presumably because the VN29 extras have been withdrawn. 143/143D and 481/481D are still wrong.