Car Park Occupancy API Returning Same Values

Hi Everyone,

I was testing the Occupancy > Gets the occupancy for a car park with a given id and Occupancy > Gets the occupancy for all car parks that have occupancy data, and they return the same values no matter what time I call the APIs which doesn’t seem right, I have tried to go through old posts to see if this is a known issue but couldn’t find anything.

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Do you mean making a call to ?

Hi @mohamed - welcome to the forum.

We use a 3rd party provider for this data and we essentially combine the reference data and live occupancy data they provide. I’ve checked the data for a number of the car parks and we are providing the data as seen at source.

I’ll get a query raised with the supplier so that we can see what’s going on.



Thanks @briantist - yes and{id}

Thanks @jamesevans, good to know it’s working fine from the API side, hopefully we understand if there is an issue with the source data.

Hi @jamesevans - just checking if there is any update regarding this issue?


Hi @jamesevans - hope you are well - is there any update around this API?