Circle Line engineering works

Hi, there are planned engineering works this weekend on the Circle Line.

TfL states the Circle line will only be operating a special service:
HS Kensington <> Barking (via Victoria), so Southern bit of the loop, plus Hammersmith and City line section from Tower Hill to Barking.

However, I cannot find Circle line trips between Tower Hill and Barking in the static data (TxC from this week). Are these trips missing from the data or is it a comms error and the Circle Line will only be running Tower Hill <> HS Kensington (via Victoria).

Thank you!

Hi @ndjik we’ve had a look at the most recent Journey Planner Timetables uploads and the files for the Circle line this weekend are included, journeys are also being returned on TfL’s own travel tools. The file name for thisis 1-CIR-_-y05-986204

Matthew ( cc @LeonByford @SarahLS )


I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly, but the Circle line never serves Barking.

The Circle line is a sub-service of the Hammersmith and City, but a different route.

Tube replacement bus services are usually coded UX1, UX2 to UX9

So UH1 to UH9 for the H&C

The bits of the Circle shared with the District ( Tower Hill to Edgware Road via NHG ) could be UD1 to UD9?

The works can’t really be “on the Circle Line” as it’s as the line consists of shares except Tower Hill to Aldgate.

Hi, just for context:

CIRCLE LINE: Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June, no service between Hammersmith / High Street Kensington and Tower Hill (via Kings Cross St Pancras). A special service operates between High Street Kensington and Barking (via Victoria)

Hi @MScanlon , thank you. Yes I found the trips, I was looking at the incorrect file…

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