Cloudflare API Issues

Hi it looks like Cloudflare is currently blocking the default Golang HTTP user agent. Whenever I issue http request from a Go program I only get error code: 1020 as a response. This occurs even when providing a valid API key.

I can reproduce this using cURL as well

> curl -A "Go-http-client/1.1"
error code: 1020

Any change to user-agent resolves this issue, but it’s seem odd to me that an API would block the user agent of well known programming language, especially when the calls are made with a valid API key.

Welcome @AvianLyric has some suggestions.

I’m also wondering if your cacert.pem is configured and accessible.

Hi @briantist

I’ve DM’d @AvianLyric - hopefully should have it sorted now.


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I have the same issue in a go app.
Adding a user-agent fixed this, but it isn’t a good behavior.
It worked until recently, but now we need to make a change in a prod

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