Complete list of bus stops?


On TfL’s open data webpage (Our open data - Transport for London), one of the examples of data available is a list of bus stops in the region. I’ve been looking through the API documentation, but is there a way to obtain a complete list?



Yes, they’re all in in an XML format called transxchange.

As far as I am aware, the stops are spread over the several hundred individual route files within the Journey Planner Datastore zip file.

I found that the information that I already extract from them was actually capable with some tweaking of yielding a complete list of stops. I have uploaded this to

This is a delimited file with five fields:-

  • NAPTAN stop code (typically 49000… for stops within Greater London)
  • Last date seen (see below)
  • Stop name
  • Easting
  • Northing

The “Last Date Seen” field has enabled me to include stops which have been suspended or dropped since November 2021. Some will definitely return when diversions end; others have been replaced or permanently closed. The date is meant to be the date of creation of the JP file and should not be taken as some form of withdrawal date.

Naturally any faults in the stop data in the original files will appear in the file that I have created. I hope that I have not added my own errors! Sometimes only the principal stops on a route are included in the file for the route; unless those stops are in another individual file they could be missing until it is corrected (another good argument for including apparently dropped stops).

Hope the file is of use.

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Is the file I have produced of any use to anybody? If not, I won’t bother thinking about how to update it efficiently.

Are we sure that the two csv files TfL produce are definitely NOT being updated anymore? @jamesevans


My impression is that although there are updates they are infrequent and sporadic, thus hard to rely upon. It would be useful to know what the updating timetable actually is.

Once upon a time Gerard’s weekly Journey Planner Newsletter listed all changes to stop data but I think there was an issue which prevented that, an issue which presumably was never resolved. That would have included the other codes for the stop, neither of which are in the Datastore Journey Planner files. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have seen a Newsletter for a few weeks now either.

The page @itsbenchase originally referred to says the files are updated weekly but I know the community here have had doubts about that.

@itsbenchase are you a registered TfL open data user?


@SJCooper I suspect that the page which states that the files are updated weekly is years out of date.

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Maybe that page also needs updating weekly :slight_smile:

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