Confusion with the Accessibility signs in TFL Map

I am a bit confused about the TFL Tube map with accessibility signs.The blue symbol shows step-free access from “street to train” and the white symbol shows step-free access from “street to platform”. But it only shows ONE SYMBOL per station- either blue or white, what if a station has both privileges?

A map with the symbol - SCREENSHOT

2nd question- correct me if I am wrong, step-free access from “street to platform” means there is Lift/street ramp etc to access/exit the station and step-free access from “street to train” means the gap between platform and train (level access). The TFL site is very unclear about this issue.

Surely you cannot have “street to train” without also having “street to platform”? I suppose it could be described as “street to platform and train”, as that would make it harder to confuse the two.

Thnk u, I just wonder why “street to train” implies “street to platform”, cant it be that a station has level access but not lift? why does one always follow the other? Why does a station with level access always have a Lift? TFL must clarify these on their website. A newcomer/visitor isn’t supposed to assume all this.

Woodside Park is marked as “street to train” but has no lift … because the platform is at street level (you might have difficulty if you are on the eastern side and want to go north but that’s another matter). But however you look at it, if you can’t get from street to platform without using an escalator or stairs, there is no way you are going to be able to get from street to train either.

On a slight digression, Covent Garden is an example of a station with lifts that is not wheelchair accessible, because the lifts do not go all the way to platform level. The idea that people in wheelchairs should be able to travel had not got much traction by the time the older stations were built.

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Please see which is a “Step-free Tube guide” which has all the details including gap withs and stations with single-direction-only accessibility.

Of course it doesn’t tell you about ad-hoc TfL Staff removing accessibility from stations “because of the football”

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