Coronavirus closures feed?


Where’s the feed for closed stations?

I can’t find a single feed for the data that drives the “closed stations” page at

Also, this seems to out-of-date compared to the list published by the BBC today




Also looking for this, and some code to create a simple web page for a digital sign.

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Hi @briantist

The stations disruptions can be found in the StopPoint endpoint:,dlr,overground,tflrail,tram/Disruption

The 40 stations listed on the BBC are not all currently closed. Our press release states the following:

Stations that could be closed tomorrow include the following. Customers are advised to check the TfL website for live updates before they travel

The situation with these stations is currently fluid so the live status is being updated by the LUCC when stations close/open.

If we’re informed any station is closed for a significant amount of time, we will block them in advance.


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Thanks. The link is very useful!

Why are stations appearing in the feed twice? Once with an operational restrictions messages and then with one about allowing essential journeys only.


There’s no way to nest data in each returned station, I guess no-one realised that the Coronavirus thing might happen. You can’t really change a well-used API’s structure at a critical time, I would suggest.

Hi @rob

We have a limitation in our system that we have to enter 1 message for the live status of the station (which includes the text about operational restrictions) and one for the longer term closure of the station.

This is a situation that doesn’t come up too much, but we are looking at a way of removing the duplications in the near future.