Coronavirus overcharging

I note with interest that I was overcharged for a trip yesterday, because of the Coronavirus arrangements.

At Woolwich Arsenal, you can no longer change between the DLR National Rail within the station, for reasons that escape me.

This means the trip, which the Single Fare Finder puts at £2.40 off peak…

Is being charged as if you left the system and re-started, so costing 62% more (£3.90, rather than £2.40).

This seems a bit unfair. I called the TfL helpdesk and the guy I spoke to said that I had “never been able to change at Woolwich Arsenal”, so I’m posting here.

I’m all for doing the right thing for Coronavirus, but I’m not sure that includes being overcharged.

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Hi Brian,

The person who said you’ve never been able to change at Woolwich Arsenal doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Have you tried calling again and hopefully getting someone else? I agree that overcharging is bad, and indeed shouldn’t need to happen. They either need to set up an OSI between the DLR entrance and the NR entrance, or do an EOSI on the whole station.

Incidentally, what have they done there? Is it just a one way system that hasn’t been thought through?


Hi Brian,

I see you had the refund for the incorrect charge. I’m arranging feedback for the agent that gave you the wrong information. The underlying issue has now been fixed - as Mike says, an emergency OSI has been set up between NR and DLR.

Thanks for letting us know, and sorry for the poor service when you called.

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They have closed the route (with a big metal screen) that connects the DLR station to the NR one. No-one seems to realise that one-way systems are just ways of making people take up more space in a station!

When I went back and asked, the man in the DLR office said that I should go out of the single open gateline at the DLR station and use the open gateline at the NR station. However, when I tried to do this, the NR gateline was now in-barrier.

Quite why a station with a DLR every five minutes and a 10-minute NR service needs to done like this… I don’t know.

Thank you

That’s brilliant! It’s always disappointing when you call someone at TfL and they get poor service. Yes, I should have just phoned back.


I agree about the supposed one-way system. I’ll be mentioning that in my article shortly. I’ve been in contact with the press team and confirmed that the EOSI didn’t work on Wednesday evening.


Sorry, but the there’s no OSI working yet.

Wow, how embarrassing. Not my direct area, but I’ll have words on Monday to find out what’s happened. If you haven’t already phoned in, I’ll make sure you get refunded as well.

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