Corrupt zip in latest journey planner timetables

The latest journey planner timetables hosted here:
seems to contain a corrupt zip file.

File ‘BUSES PART TWO’ will not extract properly. The other two files are fine.

Files extracted OK for me. I am aware of someone else who has been finding the download to be corrupt but perhaps the download process itself went wrong?

Probably not relevant but the current (19/12) download contains over 1000 bus timetables, compared with the normal 700 or so. This seems to be because of the way the system deals with the Christmas period, uploading oodles of one-day-only files.

What the download does not contain is anything for New Year’s Eve night services on what are normally just day routes. Presumably there won’t be another set of files created before NYE. The TfL website refers (or did last night anyway) to services on “selected” day routes without specifying, so the poor old passenger or third party user is left in the dark.

I am still having issues with the zip file.
To be clear, the main zip file that is downloaded extracts fine.

It extracts into 3 separate zip files:

However, the BUSES PART TWO fails to extract. The other 2 files extract OK.
This seems to confirm that it is not the download, but the file itself that has issues.

That is odd. On the current (19122007) download the Buses Part Two file is 68312Kb, when displayed as part of the listing of the zip file contents. I have no idea whether you would see the same if that file had gone corrupt but it’s about all I can suggest. To reiterate, I downloaded and extracted the xml files successfully,

I did some more investigation, and have managed to successfully extract from the Buses Part Two zip.
Extracting the file via the OSX gui tools will give a corrupt zip error message. And extraction via our npm zip library also gives corrupt results.
However, extracting via unzip in terminal extracts the files without problem.

Given that this has been the case for both the current download, and the download from the previous week, it would suggest that this could be an ongoing problem.

Let me know if you find anything at your end. And thanks for your help with this!

Apologies for the delay in response.

The issue appears to be that the Buses Part 2 source data became too large (>2GB) and this has caused the corruption. We’re working on resolving this now and I’ll update you when I know more.

This is because of the extra timetables that have been generated for Christmas/New Year amendments.

Technology Service Operations

Who says size isn’t important? Interesting though that dear old Windows 10 could cope with the files when other (“better”?) utilities could not.

This has now been re-uploaded with a Buses Part 3 zip file to rectify the issue. Please let us know of any further issues.


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Hi James,

Thanks for the fix. This has now imported into our systems correctly.

Ito World

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