Countdown API issues?

I have seen an increase in the amount of feedback for my app that buses are not showing up on the feed, but then they seem to be running. I checked to see if other app creators are seeing the same feedback and indeed they are. I’m using the Countdown API for my app, not sure if it is limited to this or not. Sorry for not being able to be more specific - but are you aware of any issues?

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Just so people might be able to help, could you perhaps be more specific about “buses are not showing”?

Would it be possible for you to switch to the Unified API?


Does this relate to your enquiry?
for example on bus 69 at church street shows nearly all buses between 4 and 25 mins and whereas the next stop after Church street at Plaistow grove it seems that not all the buses are not shown on feed.

I’ve seen these issues constantly for the last few weeks in regards to the live bus arrivals and vehicle arrivals, we’ve got a huge amount of complaints that over the last few weeks they’ve been erratic, producing results for some stops along the route, but not others, and also will produce times for a stop one minute then completely losing all results for the next hour.

I’ve noticed this on TfL Go app and others.

Do you know why this is happening and is there an ETA for fixing this?

Let’s ping @jamesevans for an answer. He works normal office hours so it’ll be tomorrow.

Tomorrow is bank holiday. I have heard more negative complaints and it’s really difficult to capture when it goes wrong (nothing will be showing and then suddenly it does, so it is just difficult to pinpoint as it’s looking all over and by the time you realise something was wrong, it’s too late as it isn’t wrong any more).

I had a further look on the app store and all app creators are being blasted with negative reviews about buses not appearing (including apps which I know use the Unified API).

Is it? They’re not really a think when you work for yourself.

I guess @jamesevans will be in on Tuesday.

There isn’t really any way to escalate things as they API are provide on a “they are what they are” basis.

I’ve noticed this myself in the last couple weeks too. Definitely something wrong with the Unified API. I hope this gets looked at soon.

@jamesevans Will these issues be looked at? I recognise that I didn’t give too many details, but I am guessing not much is needed going on all of the conversations going on that the data has just deteriorated so badly in the last two weeks? (The countdown system was also down for much of this afternoon - although it is restored now).

Is anyone having a look at this issue please ? Tens of users complaining and leaving bad reviews.