Countdown API vs Unified API?

With the Countdown API the double deck workings on route 108 are shown as lineID=“108D” with lineName=“108”, however in the Unified API both lineID and lineName=“108”. What is the reason for the latter showing the same please?



Possibly related - the issue that I am fed up of posting with zero effect. The MFSc bus WTTs link for 143 gives you the 143D schedule. Similarly the FrNt and SaNt WTTS for N29 take you to VN29. From memory the same issue was there initially (for the new format) for the 108/108D. That seems to have sorted itself out for the WTTs but I fear it may return at some stage.

Also, the 353 WTTs are STILL corrupt after three months of pointing it out. It can’t be that difficult surely