Countdown returning destination "No Information"


Since Saturday, a number of routes are returning “No Information” as the destination on some Countdown-based apps (e g Bus Times London) and next to nothing current on route-based applications (e g London Bus Finder). Routes affected include the following:-

1 6 31 100 129 137 266 286 302.

Some Kingston area routes, such as 406, have joined in this morning.

I think all the routes involved have seen some sort of change, which is a bit of a clue.


Hi @mjcarchive

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This appears to be an issue with the source data and we have raised a ticket with our colleagues in the Surface Transport team.

We’ll let you know of any developments.

James Evans
Technology Service Operations


We’ve had an update from our colleagues:

We have had issues with the Countdown system, whereby the iBus and Countdown systems are not synchronised.
_ _
We have an emergency update planned for 3am tomorrow morning that should fix all these types of issues. (no predictions, no destinations etc.)
_ _
All should be ok from tomorrow.


Great - that seems to have done the trick.

I did wonder after posting whether the 54 issue was similar but that was resolved on Saturday, it seems.


137 n/b destination is shown as Hyde Park Corner, even when looking at stops beyond that en route to Marble Arch! That’s a seperate issue, no doubt.


hi @mjcarchive

It looks like this is a separate issue. There seems to be a mismatch with the destination that will show on the bus blind and what is in the timetable we’ve been given.

We’re querying that with our colleagues in Surface Transport for some clarification.