Crowding Station Entry Data

We are trying to use the data available for usage at

Looking at station entry data, we have 4 files categorized as day of the week.
File1: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs
File2: Fri
File3: Sat
File4: Sun

We are surprised to see that the value for all stations is very similar when comparing Station Entry Data for Mon-Thurs vs Fri. Almost for all stations the number of people entering the station on Friday is more than the 4 days(Mon,Tue,Wed,Thurs) combined. This seems to be abnormal, can someone help if we are missing a link here?

@saboo.anuj17 Thanks for getting in touch. Can you confirm which files you are using from the Crowding bucket? Thanks!

Daily averages, perhaps?

@theochapple Thanks for your reply. Please find the details below:

I am trying to extract how many people entered stations in Weekends vs Weekdays. I think that the below data sets provide me information on the data for the entire year 2018.

Hence 2018FRI_Station_Entry gives me information on number of people entering station on Fridays of 2018. Similarly I have different files for Mon-Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.



When I look at stations and people that entered, mostly I get a number very close for Friday as compared to the other 4 days of the weekday. Can you help me understand if I am missing a link to infer this dataset because it seems unlikely that for all the stations Friday has approximately same number of people entering the station as Mon-Thursday.


It seems strange that the number of people entering on a Friday is approximately the same for number of people entering on Mon+Tues+Wed+Thurs for all the stations.

If you see the below file, not able to infer how can Friday be almost same as Mon+Tue+Wed+Thurs


My point is that if the MTT figures are actually the averages of the totals for Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs you would expect something reasonably close to Fri.

I have no idea whether that is the answer (and if it is it ought to be made clear in the documentation) but looking att the simplest explanation first is usually not a bad idea.

Thanks @saboo.anuj17. Looks like you’ve spotted our new Numbat data set which is replacing the old RODS data. We haven’t publicly launched it yet as the data owner spotted a few issues with the files. I think you may also have spotted them! I’ll send him your post and see if he can help.

@mjcarchive We’ll be putting out comms about the data soon including a blog post with detailed documentation. We’re not quite ready to launch yet.
@saboo.anuj17 - Just to manage expectations, the data owner is on leave this week so it will be next week before we can get an answer from him for you.

Okay, thanks for the confirmation.