CUF timetables not updated

The timetable data at doesn’t seem to have been updated since 24th February 2020.

Is this still the right place to get timetable data, or should I be looking elsewhere?


Yes, the place you should be getting them from is

they are updated weekly and contains current and “upcoming” data.

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Except it hasn’t been updated overnight this week! Still got 28th September files in it.


Still better than 24th February 2020. Perhaps there are no changes this week? :roll_eyes:

Thanks, @briantist - my question is specifically about the CUF files, as they contain train and trip numbers. The TransXChange files appear not to contain either, so aren’t of much use to me in this context.


I presume you know of the WTT in PDF format?. Working Timetables (WTT) - Transport for London no that much use electronically, of course.

@briantist Yes, but I have no time to scrape the PDF in to an electronic format like it’s still 2009!