Different result from the same API call made last week

I’ve tried to get journey time from Chingford (naptanId=910GCHINGFD) to Enfield Chase (naptanId=910GENFC) for date=20221026 today and a two days ago. However, I got different journeys.

The main thing is that the “old” search from two days ago doesn’t contains the actual fastest journey with “313 bus to Enfield Chase Station” that is 34 minutes. The fastest journey the “old” search has is 60 minutes.

Here the API call I’ve used:
api. tfl .gov.uk /Journey/JourneyResults/910GCHINGFD/to/910GENFC?app_key=xxxx&date=20221026&time=1200

Could you please explain this discrepancy of results for the same API call?

The text files aren’t allowed for attach here so here is a screenshot of the new response:

Thanks a lot!

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And this is for the “old” call:

(as I can’t attach two screenshots to a post as a new member limiation)

It could just be that the timetables for the buses a month ahead had not been “activated” in the TfL JP?

Have you retested it today? I tried your URL and can see journeys for 313 included within today’s results.

Just a guess, but 313 is operated by Arriva, which had announced some strikes starting 4th October. Those strikes have now been called off, and I don’t think 313 was one of the affected routes anyway. But perhaps that’s the reason why those journeys weren’t being shown when you tried it yesterday.

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it might explain it, yes - thanks, @briantist

@harry, it worked fine when I tested on 29/09 with 313 included in journeys