Disappearance of /Line/Route Request


I notice that, as of a couple of days ago, this call, which used to return a list of all valid routes, is no longer valid.

I’ve worked round this by using /Line/Meta/Modes to get the list of modes and then using the isScheduledService flag to build a list for /Line/Mode/{modes}/Route.

Is there anywhere where such changes are announced before they are implemented, so that developers have time to make suitable amendments?


Hi @nickp apologies, this API was removed without properly announcing its deprecation.

Your workaround is correct and is the preferred way to access routes going forward.

However we will work to temporarily restore this API in the next few days so it can go through a proper deprecation process.



@nickp this API has been restored, we will follow our usual process of announcing any changes on the blog, developer mailing list and forum in future.