Disruption API Bus Diversions



When using the endpoint /line/{line ids}/Disruption I’ve noticed the data quality is fairly unreliable and poor. Running it currently it is telling me there are Diversions on 23 London Bus routes, but I’m aware there are Diversions on routes that are returning an empty array such as 141, 102, 144 for example.

See and Compare


Changes to Routes 102 144 149 and 259 at Edmonton Green Bus Station: From 0130 Monday 16 July until 2300 Sunday 2 September, Routes 102 144 149 and 259 will terminate at Stop A in the bus station. Buses on Routes 102 and 144 start from Stop B, and buses on Routes 149 and 259 start from stop C.

Where the current api.tfl.gov.uk/line/102/Disruption returns an empty array.

What gives me less confidence is the fact the affectedRoutes and affectedStops nodes are always empty. As a substitute I am iterating over the TIMS XML - although it would be better if I could reliably find out about Diversions on specific bus routes from this endpoint.

Thanks for your time