District Line Wimbledon Branch Eastbound


I have noticed for some time that trains running north/east up the Wimbledon Branch of the District Line do not appear in the predicted arrivals feed for stations further up the line until after quite a few stops have already been passed.

For example, looking at predicted arrivals for Putney Bridge (4 stations up the line), Edgware Road trains do not appear until they have reached Wimbledon Park or Southfields, while City trains (Barking, Upminster, Tower Hill) generally do not appear at all, and only appear in the predicted arrivals feed for Earls Court once they have reached Fulham Broadway or even West Brompton.

This effect can be observed by looking, say, at https://traintimes.org.uk/map/tube/schematic/ (after allowing it to fully populate first), but to be clear, I am seeing this also directly in calls to /Line/district/Arrivals?stopPointId=940GZZLUPYB for Putney Bridge or /Line/district/Arrivals?stopPointId=940GZZLUECT for Earls Court.

Are there known issues with location uploads for trains starting from the Wimbledon end of the Wimbledon branch of the District Line?

Many thanks,

Richard Jarvis

Hi @jarvisra,

We have a ticket open for this issue - SVC-5106 which is under investigation. The issue stems from the fact that trains have the destination of “City via Victoria” which we are having issues mapping correctly into the API.

We’re trying to work out a solution to that problem. We’ll try to keep you up to date with progress.

Service Performance Manager - Digital