Does anybody help me?

Right now, the bus stop near my house is closed - i.e. it has a yellow hood over the flag. However, the stop is still getting predictions.

I’d like to be able to avoid directing my users to a stoppoint where they cannot catch the bus they need. The old Countdown API has a StopPointState field, but that seems to suggest that only 2 or 3 stops in the whole of London are other than “open”! I don’t seem to be getting any better results from the Unified API either. Certainly, the disruptions by line don’t show the stop as closed.

Surely, if someone is gong out and covering the bus stop flag, then there must be a central record. Am I looking in the wrong place, or is the data not being populated into the API?

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See How can I tell if a bus stop is closed? - #8 by briantist for “details”.

Hi @olyly94
If you’re still experiencing the same issue, can you let me know which stop it is and I’ll report that to the buses team? Thanks!

Hi @olyly94
In the meantime, more generally, I’ve spoken to our buses tech team. They told me that the lack of consistent bus closure information in our data is a limitation of our current systems. Unfortunately, the information doesn’t automatically flow down to the Countdown system that feeds our API as the base route data cannot be uploaded in ‘near’ real time – in fact it takes around 2 weeks!

We have just started work on a new system which we hope will improve this. The stops can be marked as open or closed within the system and the data will flow into iBus and Countdown on a near real time basis. No date yet for when this will be launched but watch this space!