East Croydon/Elephant+Castle zone on rail-and-tube-services-map

Looking at https://content.tfl.gov.uk/london-rail-and-tube-services-map.pdf it’s hard to work out what Zone East Croydon station is in (I think it’s Zone 5).

The standard Tube map - https://content.tfl.gov.uk/standard-tube-map.pdf - has the correct answer

Elephant and Castle has a similar issue, the tube map is very unclear if the tube station is in Zone 1 or Zone 1/2


but the Rail+tube map is says it’s both…


hi @briantist

I’ll try to find the best contact to feed this back to on the rail services map. I know that the white box around station names in the tube map indicates multiple zones for that station.



Thanks. What I mean is if the zone 2 colour went like this it would be way-more-obvious both E&C stations are in both zones.

This is a bit of outlier as there are only two station pairs (the other is Bethnal Green) that have separate Underground and NR stations with the same name. But BG isn’t an OSI, they are a long way apart and both in just zone 2!