Elizabeth line and other updates

A few Elizabeth line and other updates from me, hopefully useful to some of you…

HUB NaPTAN codes

If you’re not already aware, keep an eye out for new HUB NaPTAN codes:

Abbey Wood 910GABWD to HUBABW

Bond Street 940GZZLUBND to HUBBDS

Custom House 9400GZZDLCUS to HUBCUS

Tottenham Court Road 9400GZZLUTCR to HUBTCR

Unified API line and mode IDs

On 24 May our line and mode IDs in Unified API for TfL Rail will be updating:

New line ID: ’ elizabeth

New mode ID: 'elizabeth-line’

Elizabeth line timetables

Should now be released and available from National Rail / Darwin feeds

Northern line reopening, 733 bus

The 733 bus (replacement for closed section of Northern line) stops running on Friday, and the Northern line bank branch opens up again on Monday.

Jubilee weekend disruption 2-5 June

We expect the network to be busy in some places, but there isn’t too much impact on services, main thing being some bus routes diverted/shortened due to road closures

Hope this all makes sense, just shout if you have any questions.

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Thanks. https://content.tfl.gov.uk/elizabeth-line-design-idiom.pdf also has the colour as #6950a1


Have the codes for the stations merged into the national rail ones. For a while you did see

  • Abbey Wood Crossrail [ABX]
  • Canary Wharf Crossrail [CWF]
  • Farringdon Crossrail [FAC]
  • Liverpool Street Crossrail [LIX]
  • Paddington Crossrail [PAA]
  • Woolwich Crossrail [WOW]

Thanks @jwithers!

Any word on when the Elizabeth line core will be added to the journey planner search results? Currently it is still not offered as an option if you set the date of the journey to be the 24th of May or later. Will it only become available on the day, or will it start showing up a little in advance?

An example of the kind of planner search I’m referring to: Ealing Broadway to Liverpool Street at 17:00 on May 24th

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To be fair, Google Maps can’t do Liz yet either!


Hi @arturs

We are aiming to have the Elizabeth line results showing in Journey Planner in advance of 24th May, but I’m not able to say at this stage how far in advance


Hello. I use this API: https://api.tfl.gov.uk/line/mode/tube,overground,dlr,tflrail/status

Have you confirmed how you’ll incorporate the Elizabeth Line into the unified API, in particular the service status one above? Will you just slot it in between DLR and Hammersmith & City, and take out TfL Rail between Piccadilly and Victoria? Will the actual API be renamed?

You’ll need to add a new mode, elizabeth-line, to the call and remove the tflrail one. When you get the results there will be a new line included, also elizabeth-line. What order you display the results in is up to you. This change will need to be made when the data goes live, currently at an unspecified date before May 24

currently at an unspecified date before May 24

The actual renaming is happening on the 24th, not before it:

First day is 21st, not 24th, I thought.

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Thanks. This is really helpful.

These are the confirmed CRS and TIPLOC codes for the Elizabeth line.

Station CRS Tiploc
Bond Street BDS BONDST
Canary Wharf CWX CANWHRF
Custom House CUS CUSTMHS
Farringdon FDX FRNDXR
Liverpool Street LSX LIVSTLL
Paddington PDX PADTLL
Tottenham Court Road TCR TOTCTRD
Whitechapel WHX WCHAPXR

Please note that the 5 stations where National Rail & London Overground services are already served will retain their existing CRS & TIPLOC codes alongside the codes above.


No, the opening date is Tuesday the 24th

Thanks. I think I was going by the date for the second lot of associated bus changes. I’ll put my anorak away again then…

Some bus changes to link in with Elizabeth line are due this weekend and some after as well.



It’s now on Google Maps but showing as TfL Rail. That will be updated next week to Elizabeth Line. All the TfL Rail lines come with the same operator code as the new Elizabeth Line hence trying not to put the branding change live too early for the other lines.

Yes, but it’s not showing the “new bits” of the Liz Line on Google maps yet. This will be just Stratford [not Whitechapel] Liverpool Street, Farringdon, Tottenham Court road then…

Google Maps will be suggesting the Central Line over TfL Rail with a change at Liverpool Street due to fewer changes/waiting time. The attached screenshot is of Abbey Wood to Tottenham Court Road, which is the new route.

The TfL Rail Liverpool Street - Shenfield services don’t stop at Whitechapel until the next phase in the autumn when they start running into the central core.


OK, this route should really be one of those involving the quite-long-actually walk at Liverpool Street as per official guide

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Here an example connection at Liverpool Street.