Elizabeth line developments

As you might be aware, there are a couple of upcoming developments to the Elizabeth line:

24 October 2022: Bond Street Elizabeth line station opening

6 November 2022: trains through running at Paddington and Liverpool Street

These changes will be reflected in our open data feeds, including the Journey Planner API. If you have any questions just let me know.


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This is great for those of us who live at Stratford. We will have THREE different ways of getting to Bond Street (Jubilee 4G coverage but 11 stops, 5 Liz stops with no data connections yet and 10 Central Line ).

I’m also wondering about Stratford to Canary Wharf. Again three ways to go, very slowly on the DLR (8 stops, trains every 4 minutes) but will data connections, with 4G coverage and very often on the 4-stops Jubilee line and the unknown quality of going via Whitechapel for the two-stop trip.

So, generally great!

In the meantime those in my neck of the woods are scratching their heads as to why neither Victoria nor Piccadilly line has an interchange with the Elizabeth Line! Worrying about 4G or not 4G - first world problem!

@mjcarchive See also the Waterloo And City Line.

I think, when I was working for MTR Crossrail, they said that the “reason” was that Crossrail 1 was intended to shadow the Central Line and Crossrail 2 will shadow the Victoria Line in the Centre.


this diagram is my personal Wikipedia triumph moment (view the source).

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I appreciate that, Brian, but it’s the interchanges rather than orientation which was the issue. It’s not a data issue so perhaps we should kill it now but it is a little bit annoying.

Actually there is a notional interchange with the Piccadilly … at Heathrow!

Actually that makes three interchanges (T2&3, T4 and T5) with the Piccadilly.

Here’s a good data question… which Liz Line station will be the best one to check out and in at to avoid the “always the peak fare” by avoiding direct travelling to Zone 1.

Single fare finder - Transport for London says the direct fare from Liz Heathrow Terminal 5 to Tottenham Court Road is Anytime: £12.80

But via Ealing Broadway Off Peak: £6.60 ( Peak: £7.60) plus to Tottenham Court Road Peak : £3.60 Off Peak: £2.90 to the total is £9.50 off peak saving £3.30 (but £11.20 peak saving only £1.60).