Elizabeth line OSIs

There’s an official Out-of-station interchanges document that everyone uses as a reference.

Am right to thing the Elizabeth line is going add some more?

  • Farringdon/Elizabeth Line with Farringdon Tube/Thameslink
  • Canary Wharf Crossrail/Heron Quays DLR
  • Canary Wharf Crossrail/Canary Wharf DLR
  • Canary Wharf Crossrail /West India Quay DLR (*** much the closest)
  • Canary Wharf Crossrail /Poplar DLR
  • Woolwich/Woolwich Arsenal
  • Custom House/Custom House DLR
  • Liverpool Street Elizabeth Line/Liverpool Street Overground/Greater Anglia
  • Liverpool Street Elizabeth Line/Liverpool Street Central/H&C/Met/Circle
  • Liverpool Street Elizabeth Line/Moorgate Northern/H&C/Met/Circle
  • Paddington Elizabeth Line Low Level/Paddington Elizabeth Line High Level
  • Paddington Elizabeth Line Low Level with Bakerloo/Circle/District/H&C

Is this it?


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I’ll see if I can get an answer on if/when these are updated.


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As ever… thanks for your help!

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I’ve been told the new data is due to go live on the day before Elizabeth line launch :slight_smile:


@jamesevans That seems fair.

I’ll roll with these in the interim (so I have test data!)

    // Elizabeth line interchanges
    // Abbey Wood station and XR
    "ABW" => "ABX",
    // Canary Wharfs with
    "CWX" => "ZCZ",
    "ZIQ" => "CWX",
    // Woolwich/Woolwich Arsenal
    "WWC" => "WWA",
    // Liverpool Street Elizabeth Line/Liverpool Street Overground/Greater Anglia
    "LSX" => "LST",
    // Paddington Elizabeth Line Low Level/Paddington Elizabeth Line High Level
    "PAD" => "PDX",
    // Tottenham Court Roads
    "TCR" => "ZTC",

I received this from my press contact recently:


@MikeWh Thanks. I’m noting that there giving people a whole 40 minutes to get from the different gate lines at Liverpool Street!

The useful confirmation in there is the Poplar DLR to CWX which will I can see being very useful as an option.

The Liverpool Street entry is in fact for the new gateline going straight to the EL on the Broadgate side. It’s visible through the doors leading to the EL from inside the existing LU station. On that basis it’s another LU-NR interchange which gets 40 minutes to allow for waiting on the concourse. The other way is the standard 20 minutes.

As for Canary Wharf, yes Poplar is good, but note Heron Quays is not valid to the EL. Not actually a surprise given the EL station is between CW and WIQ, but it will catch someone out I’m sure.

@MikeWh I suppose it’s possible that people might, by accident, exit LST and wonder out into Finsbury Circus and then use the EL gateline at the Old Street entrance? It’s fair to not cause a expensive (as it’s in Zone 1) split trip.

The signage on the DLR says “Heron Quays for Jubilee Line” on the platform and announcements and there is a sign at the top of the Canary Wharf Jubilee Line showing the two DLR station directions at the top of the escalators.

I’m guessing that someone will be changing the signs at the other DLR stations to say “for the Elizabeth Line” soon. Of course, I guess the physical bypass for incoming Bank trains to miss West India Quay is now somewhat … inconvenient … for people coming from the west!