Elizabeth line trains showing incorrect direction at 3 stops

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While using the ‘/line/elizabeth/arrivals’ api endpoint I’ve noticed that the reported direction is incorrect when the train destination is “Shenfield Rail Station” and the current stop is one of the three below.

Romford Rail Station - 910GROMFORD
Seven Kings Rail Station - 910GSVNKNGS
London Liverpool Street Rail Station - 910GLIVST

For these stops the reported direction is outbound when it should be inbound.




This might be cased by the 7 trains a day that run to/from the High Level platforms at Liverpool street, usually from Gidea Park.


These morning trains run back to the depot.

The evening one-way trains run…

as above the trains don’t offer passenger service the other way.

It appears that all trains heading towards Shenfield have the direction returned incorrectly when relating those three stops. Not just a few trains a day.

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hi @richardhawthorn - we’ll take a look at this and let you know what we find.


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