Empty returns from /Line/{ids}/Arrivals/{stopPointId} endpoint

I’m trying to get, for a given station, and for a given line, the upcoming arrivals.
I’m using the /Line/{ids}/Arrivals/{stopPointId} endpoint

But I’m getting inconsistent data back. In some cases a result object as expected, in other cases an empty list.

For example:
Norwood Junction (HUBNWD) returns data
And the same if you switch HUBNWD for Anerley’s code (910GANERLEY)

But Whitechapel (HUBZWL) returns an empty list (along with a 200 status code)

Hopefully there’s something basic I’m missing here - I’d appreciate some help :slight_smile:

@martinlugton I would suggest you use NRE Darwin for London Overground service.

They are the true source of the data.

Thanks @briantist! I’ll take a look at the Darwin Timetable.

I have a similar issue with tube lines as well: https://api.tfl.gov.uk/Line/victoria/Arrivals/HUBSVS?direction=all

The input I’m providing seems to be legitimate - e.g. if you change to an invalid line id instead of “victoria”, you’ll get an error back, suggesting that my example URL above is valid.

Hopefully I’m getting muddled up with something basic!

You can’t use the Hub Naptan (HUBSVS) as that is an overall one for all modes/bus stops at that location.

You can use this to find the actual Naptan (scroll down)

So for Seven Sisters Underground you want 940GZZLUSVS