Error and odd response from TFL

For years I made API calls without my ID but recently got an error message.
I added the ID but still get an error message.

Is this formatted correctly?{lat}&lon={lon}&radius={raddy}&type=VariableMessageSign?app_id={global_tflappid}&api_key={global_tflapi}

If I wait a while it works without the app_id & key.

Emailing [email protected] as per the error message return this message:

Thank you for your email.

To request a change or a new initiative:

· Complete a [ digital content form] for content changes to the website, or new email campaigns

· Complete a [ form for new initiatives] that could require UX or development resource

If your email relates to an incident, emergency update or major service outage, call one of the numbers below:

I have no idea what the reply means and I had to remove the links to be able to post here.

Many thanks


No. It’s not correct. You use a single “?” to show the start of the parameters and then ampersand between them.

I’m grateful for your input.
It’s working perfectly now with the app id & api key.

Thank you very much.

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