Fare Finder API doesn't like using some "910" station codes


I’m using https://api.tfl.gov.uk/Stoppoint/from/FareTo/to to get data for my MTR Crossrail staff app.

It works well for almost everything I throw at it using the existing table I have of Stoppoint codes.

However, it is as fussy than the Single Fare Finder for the terminus stations in Zone 1.

I’ve found I have to map from and to like this

 $arrAlternatives = [
        "910GLIVST" => ["940GZZLULVT"],
        "910GPADTON" => ["940GZZLUPAC", "940GZZLUPAH"],
        "910GVICTRIC" => ["940GZZLUVIC"],
        "910GLNDNBDC" => ["940GZZLULNB"],
        "910GWATRLMN" => ["940GZZLUWLO"],
        "910GKNGX" => ["940GZZLUKSX"],

Given that the API returns all the possible routes, it might be useful for the API to accept alternative NAPTANs.