Fares in Journey Planner

Why is it that Journey Planner knows the fare from Barking (Zone 4) to Stanmore via Gospel Oak is £2.00 off peak:

but does not know the fare from East Ham (Zone 3/4) to Stanmore via Gospel Oak?

I thought the fare calculation problems were stated to be fixed recently, but it still seems to be very hit and miss whether a fare is shown.

And even from Barking, it cannot include the cost of an extra bus journey:


OK, it’s choosing different routes each time, but if I understand it correctly, the off peak fare should be based only on the beginning and ending zones.

Hi, thanks for your query.

Unfortunately, we have been experiencing issues displaying fares where any result includes a bus or tram journey. That is to say, if any result displayed on the page includes a bus or tram journey, then none of the journeys on the page will show a fare.

This issue was fixed a couple of weeks ago, but we noticed this week that it had resurfaced. We are now urgently working to resolve this.

We’re sorry about this, but in the meantime, if you would like to check fares for journeys that do not use bus or tram, you can try un-checking bus and tram in the ‘Travel by’ selection. Hopefully this will work for you, otherwise please let us know.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

Yes, in the second example, turning off bus and tram in the travel options did result in showing the £2 fare :slight_smile:

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