Football diversions

The real thing, that is, not the tawdry farce out in Qatar.

Travelling past the Spurs ground this week I noted a sign just north of the ground sending buses down Northumberland Park (and presumably then Lansdowne Road) pre-match. For some years there has been a diversion via Sterling Way, the Great Cambridge Road and Bruce Grove around the time of matches, so has something changed?

I chuckled at the name of the 3 Points Cafe near the ground.

I noticed that the 341 is now blinded for Northumberland Park, with the Lea Valley Superstore (or whatever) relegated to a qualifier.

Finally in the Tottenham area, the 76 working timetables just uploaded show part of the allocation temporarily transferred to SW due to staff shortage. Presumably some LTs went too as SW would not have 76 blinds. Is operation of this route from “sarf of the river” a first?


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I might be wrong but I think the Go-Ahead London website has shown SW as part operator of the 76 for months. Do the drivers just cover the middle shifts commuting between SW and Waterloo to pick up the bus there?

The BODS data for TfL should show if the buses are indeed travelling to/from SW.


Simon -the new WTTs could just be formalising what has happened for months. They do show some buses going dead to/from SW, so perhaps that is a real change. The timetable for live running is unchanged, though Mon-Fri has not been loaded yet (the downside of the file set being updated on Sunday, I suppose; it used to be Tuesday).

BTW, I’ve just realised that I posted this on completely the wrong forum, so apologies to everyone for posting something so non-technical.


Bustimes seems to show at least one LT running dead from NP to SW in the early hours, there’s another LT which seemed to be running light from Waterloo to SW.