Full Bus Route Map Demo


I’m part of a challenge project to ride all the London Bus Routes in a single day :grin:. As a part of this, I’ve produced map highlighting which routes have been ridden and which are still to go, line highlighting is fed directly from the Google Spreadsheet we’re using to track progress.
After fighting a bit with the API (undocumented linestrings, etc), I eventually managed to hack this together over the course of about half a day today.

The live site is here: http://allthebuses.herokuapp.com/
And the source code is published here: https://github.com/allthebuses/allthebuses



Given that it took me a 12.5 hours - well from 0607 until 1838 to ride just the whole of the London Overground (meaning to enter, exit or go though each station) - I’m interested to know what you plan to do for your challenge

Here’s my timings sheet from the day

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Is it “one stop of each bus route” or “the full length of each bus route” or (as your map suggests) “all bus stop to bus stop segments in one direction”?


Not my personal challenge, I’m just on the support team for the day. They’re currently underway and can be followed at https://twitter.com/allthebuses

It is “one stop of each bus route”, the map is misleading, as we don’t have the precise information from the challengers about which stops they’re riding from/to, so the entire route is used as a (visually more impressive) approximation.

The selection of routes they’re riding are the all-year-around TfL routes that are running today, primarily excluding school buses (as they often only have 1 or 2 runs in the day, and all helpfully conflict). Additionally, a Thursday was chosen to avoid the 965 and 969 routes. Even so, there’s 593 routes, to complete them all individually in a day is impossible, they’ve split into 5 teams to cover them all, which should be just about possible. A previous attempt a few months ago fell short by about 20 routes.

Our timings sheet will likely be made public in full once it’s finished tomorrow, but the in progress timings and route allocations are visible in raw form through the Map’s API (I’m planning to make use of them at some point, but I’m out of time for this project today).


Thanks for that. Reminds me a little of Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged…

He would insult the Universe. Individually, personally, one by one, and (this was the thing he really
decided to grit his teeth over) in alphabetical order.

It seems odd not to compute the best possible routes for each group beforehand. What else are AWS c4.8xlarge instances for?

Good luck with the endeavour.


Wow sounds like quite a challenge, good luck!


Thanks! The challenge was a success in the end, with even the @tfl twitter account congratulating us today!