Gets the timetable for a specified station suddenly stops working

Hello all,

I was trying to get timetables from the Piccadilly line using the endpoint

The last week everything worked correctly but for some reason now it does not work, for example, making a call from Hyde Park Corner Underground Station (940GZZLUHPC) to Gloucester Road Underground Station (940GZZLUGTR) with the Piccadilly line ( now returns 500 internal server error, “message”: “No timetable available for 940GZZLUHPC > 1000119, inbound > R, piccadilly > 01PIC.”

While a week ago everything worked without problems, any idea what could have happened?


Welcome @daviduster

Sounds like an … issue. @jamesevans might be able to help with this, but he normally works office hours.

It seems that everything works correctly again now. I still don’t know what happened but thanks for your time!

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