Grid references for Underground stations and all entrances

Is it possible to obtain a list of 1m grid references for every main entrance to an underground station and each separate entrance? Thank you

@jambam Welcome

You can convert lat,long to OSGB which is the 1m grid: Convert between Latitude/Longitude & OS National Grid Reference points

The problem of which of the many entrances to stations is the “main entrance” is somewhat problematic. The vast majority have a single entrance, but there are plenty (Bank, Stratford, Charing Cross) with three or more and this is not currently noted in the TfL station datasets.

Sometimes there is a “hub” attached to a location Bank - Transport for London but the data shows these as a single point.

There is a ?routeBetweenEntrances=true option on the /journey endpoint but I’m not 100% sure it works that well.