How do I discover whom to speak to?

Hello. I really hope I can find what I’m looking for here. I began my search by speaking to station staff at Ealing Broadway. They told me I needed to speak to Customer Services. And the nice lady I’ve just been on the phone with there did her best to find out whom I need to contact and eventually suggested I look for the TfL Web Forum. Having searched for exactly that, this is the closest thing I could find. So I am really hoping that someone who posts here will be able to help me.

I need help discovering who is responsible for ticketing facilities at Ealing Broadway Station. The Station Staff say such decisions are not made by anyone on site at the station and hence directed me to Customer Services, and as I explained in the earlier paragraph that has led me here. I’d like to know what the job title is that covers the responsibility for Ealing Broadway’s facilities, and which office that person works in, so that I may then reach out to the office and attempt to make an appointment to have the conversation I’m hoping to have.

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi there, I think the staff may have meant to direct you to the TfL web form (rather than forum) here: Contact us - Tube, Rail, Overground, DLR, Trams, Stations - Transport for London

Thanks. I’ll try that instead!

thanks @jamest - that’s probably the best starting point.

Looking at Stations.XML (from the National Rail Enquires database - National Rail Enquiries - ) for Ealing Broadway Station

 "StationOperator": "XR",

or by looking at the public print out of this data at National Rail Enquiries - Station facilities for Ealing Broadway


An you click though to National Rail Enquiries - TfL Rail

This confirms who is legally responsible. Which makes sense as EAL is a Liz Line station.

I’ve met with them quite a few times but I’m not sure how you might go about this. Their website is at

Email is [email protected] and phone is Tel: 020 7444 0213. They always seemed very keen to hear of useful customer feedback.