How often is StopPoint additional property data checked and updated?

Is there a public document available that states when and how often datasets are verified and updated?

For our use case we would like to know how often the StopPoint additional property data is verified, however the same question can also apply to all datasets within the Unified API.


@mattcalvium StopPoint is an amalgamation of different datasets so it depends on how often the root source is updated. Sources are referenced in StopPoint so you may see StaticObjects or LRAD for example. The StaticObjects API task runs weekly. The source data is updated as and when we receive updates from our colleagues in London Underground. LRAD is a very old dataset of accessibility related information. It was last updated in 2014. We are working on developing an up to date and improved dataset on the accessibility of our network, date TBC. In the meantime, the most up to date sources are from Journey Planner (/Journey) and our PDF maps

We are also planning on improving access to all our open data including publishing clearer information on when the data was last updated. We’re hoping to start rolling that out this year.