How to find departures from terminal stations


I’m having a very small issue with the Unified API

You can get arrivals from the system using


Which is the same as departures for most stops. Except the terminal stops - Stratford Jubilee Line for example. The actual platform has a screen showing them.

Also you don’t get predictions near the start of the line until the train has left the starting station. So the predictions for a station like Hornchurch are very limited in the API.


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As an end user I would LOVE this to be implemented - my starting station is Hainault (start of the central line) and we can’t get live departures making journey planning inaccurate and it’s annoying not be able to check when your next train is as departures can sometimes be very infrequent.


+1 to this as well. It’s not just the terminating stations it makes it difficult for but the stations leading up to these as well as they only get last minute predictions as it’s left the terminus.


Hi Brian,

Funnily enough, we picked up on this issue when looking at Stratford too and we see the issue at terminal stations as well as some platforms where trains terminate (e.g. North Greenwich Platform 2).

I’m speaking to my colleagues who deal with the predictions feed next week - I’ll keep this thread up to date with any developments.

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Is there any news on this? Thanks!



My meeting was cancelled.

I’ve raised this as a ticket with that team to see if we can get “Departures” data.

Actual arrival / departure times (historic / not predicted)

update please. Is there a way we can check on progress of these “tickets”


My query is currently being looked at by the trackernet team. I’ve chased it up this morning for an update. Unfortunately, the tickets we quote here are internal references, but we’ll try to keep you up to date.


I appreciate you chasing this up but come on the original post for this was back in April we are now July and still no progress. Is it so much to ask for to include all stations in the feed?? :crossed_fingers:


Hows that ticket getting on?


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Hi all,

This should be available by the end of the year.




Hi any progress report for this? Thanks


I can see the same issue with buses, even the 521 leaving London Bridge Station. I have to select Monument to find the times when I can see a string of 521 buses waiting. Hardly user friendly. We’re in the new year now, so any chance of an update please, James?


Hi @JohnSmith

The issue with bus predictions is different to those we have at tube/rail stations.

The issue relates to the accuracy of the predictions before the driver switches the engine on and brings the bus into service. I have been speaking to my colleagues who look after Surface Transport systems about that, but I don’t think that will be resolved until a replacement/evolution for the iBus system has been implemented. I’ll try to get more details on that for you.

@davidtan - can you please advise if there’s any updates re: the issue with tube/rail predictions



@jamesevans - unfortunately there has been little movement on this.

As this has been looked into further, it has been found that the source data is not currently available to be used with our technical/digital applications.

However, we are still working on this with the data owners and are pushing for a solution.




Any update on this yet? API for timings is utterly useless as it stands for end of line / terminal stations.


I have noticed that it’s different for different terminal arrangements. If I look at London Bridge bus station for the 521, there is a single stop (B) for arrivals and departures. So we don’t get any useful departure data.

However at Eltham bus station, where buses stand away from the departure stop (A), things work exactly as expected, and the API returns data for the bus arriving at the stop point.

Any updates please @jamesevans?


Is departures from terminal stations working in the API now?

I’ve noticed Google telling me about Jubilee Line departures from Stratford.


Terminal stations seem to have lots of “See front of train” entries now. No destination though. Also does not feed in to the following stations (check Canning Town vs Stratford).